In the best kind of way. (swhyte21) wrote,
In the best kind of way.

That band, Polyphonic Spree (the "Follow the day, and reach of the sun!"), they scare the fuck out of me. Their video, they are all wearing long white robes and junk, and all I can think is that they are doped up hippies, or a cult.
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Hmm..I never heard of them before.
hey, love the site. mind if i add you?

go for it
that band is SO WEIRD. i can't take them. and when i just hear the song, like in a room or something, i can picture them all dancing around smiling and happy. it's so freaky.
i know. haha. i dont like music to be all happy and shit, cause it seems fake to me. they are on shrooms or something
i feel the same...they are for sure a cult.
their next big hit "Drink the happy punch!"
!!! i saw them a few months ago on some late night show... maybe carson? i dunno, but they are fucking frightening.
they music def has subliminal messages.
I just watched their video.
...And they are fo sho' a cult ^_^
damn straight
Dear Shawn,

The Polyphonic Spree, is, indeed in real-life, an actual worldy cult. Scary?

Love Always,
I just read this now, but I totally agree with you. When I saw that video I thought it was a cult. And I do believe they are all high as kites.