In the best kind of way. (swhyte21) wrote,
In the best kind of way.

First best friend: velardo when we were 4
First car:
First real kiss: ha, it was in the summer before 10th.
First break-up: january of 10th grade
First screen name: shawnwhyte21
First self purchased album: green day - dookie
First funeral: i am yet to go to an actual funeral..
First pets: black lab named Duff when i was really little.
First piercing/tattoo:
First credit card: visa
First true love:
First enemy:
First big trip: visit family in florida?
First music you remember hearing in your house: no idea

Last cigarette: never
Last car ride: 2 hours ago
Last kiss: few weeks ago
Last good cry: no idea
Last library book checked out: shakespeare one from corning
Last movie seen: repeat - saving silverman, new - secret window
Last beverage drank: pepsi
Last food consumed: doritos
Last crush:
Last phone call: dont know
Last time showered: yesterday
Last shoes worn: ones im wearing now
Last cd played: The Beautiful Mistake - This is Who You Are
Last item bought: emery and the beautiful mistake merch
Last annoyance: this survey... ironic
Last disappointment: idk, but it was probably me
Last time wanting to die: Never
Last time scolded: no clue
Last shirt worn: coheed shirt
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